5 Principles Of KUSH KORNER

Kush Korner Cannabis Locally owned and operated from farm to store, our family to yours!!!


"I was just looking for place to hone in on my skills while talking and selling a product I love and can stand behind. What I didnt expect was to find this lil shop around the way and have a new family I'm apart of and building. I enjoy coming to work here everyday!"

Education is key

Here at Kush korner we strive to keep up to date with everything cannabis, with new innovations and new cannabanoids constatntly being brouht to the forefront we strive for each of our staff to be an expert in their own lane. From home ammateur growing to the low down on CBD, CBN, CBG, and many other avenues. Come on in ask questions about recreatinal cannabis and we can provide the best answer possible with AGCO guidelines...of course.

We smoke what we sell!

Trust that we are all recreational cannabis users, not only at different stages in life but our journey and relationship with cannabis aswell. We try to give 100% in all our recommendations and if we dont know the answer we will definitely find one for you. Nothing ventures through the doors that one of staff havent experienced, so know that our product is tried and tested.

One size does not fit all!

We do our best to curate our menu to the local community and still bring in enough new and a variety of tantalizing flavours for your tastebuds. As in our name we are Kush Korner, therefore we have a lil somthing for every kind of cannabis user. If we dont have for any reason we can easily locate it for you or do our best to bring in comparable if not the exact product.

Enhanced experience everytime...

Whether you're a first time visitor or a local regular, rest assured even if no purchase is made , you will walk out better than you once came in. Whether it is just a chat about anything or related to cannabis, we educate, appreciate, guide and recommend. Our shop on the corner focuses on you leaving with a impactful experience for boths sides.

WE are all Family here...

No one is turned away,......that is no one over 19yrs of age, with ID verification..... all are welcom. BUT we also do love our furry friends that come in to visit everyday. Your experience, being part of our family is key, we are KUSH KORNER, locally owned and operated. We are for the community and by the community and look to serving the Lakeshore Village community for years to come.


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