My journey to CBD although not to long it did take some time to find the right administration. I didnt realize the benefits CBD would be for me, although it was a lot of trial and error. Our journey begins with smoking low dose thc strains although not much of a high rather than a straight buzz. The lessening of pain is what caught my attention, so I began to invest more. I suffer from having sports injuries to just plain old joint paina dn cramos of all kinds. Ive found different cbd products def help for different ailments that I have. Nothing beats injesting cbd and using topicals, it seems to nbe the best cocktail. That way I am able to enjoy smoking a joint just as is and not to self medicate. Not to mention CBD can help with THC uptake......... just food for thought.

So conclusion CBD is THC without the psychoactivity and is very helpful for me.

What Are Cannabinoids?

  • Cannabinoids, simply put, are the set of compounds found in cannabis, including THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, THCV, and others.
  • They’re used for a wide variety of purposes, which could include aiding sleep and reducing anxiety, to enhancing or reducing appetite, boosting mood, dulling pain, or even reducing overall inflammation levels.  
  • THC is classically used to boost appetite or so people report.
  • CBD tends to be the best cannabinoid overall due to its effects in reducing systemic inflammation.
  • THCV, with its stimulant properties and lack of dizziness/euphoric effects, tends to be the most “nootropic” cannabinoid for enhancing mental function.
  • CBN can be a sleep aid.
  • Finally, a mix of CBD and CBG tends can work well for pain, anxiety and depression. 


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